Wills & Estate Planning

The importance of ensuring that your affairs are in order and planning for the distribution of your assets cannot be understated. Our team have years of advising individuals on their preferred method of distribution of their assets upon death.

While it may not be pleasant to consider the distribution of one’s assets, with the knowledge and understanding of our expert solicitors, our clients ensure that their estate will be distributed in a cost-effective manner to their wishes and that their loved ones will be provided for into the future, without the additional burden of the application of unnecessary succession legislation.

Our team has extensive experience in providing advice on matters such as;

  • Tax planning
  • Creating of Trusts
  • Drafting and Execution of Wills
  • Succession Acts
  • Creation and administration of Charities and not-for-profit organisations

For further information and advice in this area, please contact Samantha Holton: at samantha@crowleymillar.com

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