Nursing Home Fair Deal Scheme

The Nursing Homes Support Scheme, often referred to as the “Fair Deal”, is a scheme of financial support for people who require long-term nursing home care which was introduced in 2009. The scheme is operated by the HSE and covers long term nursing home care in public, voluntary or private nursing homes in the State.

If you or your elderly relative, parent or friend has been advised that long term nursing home care is required, then we can assist you with the application process.

The application process contains three steps;

Step 1 is an application for a Care Needs Assessment.

Step 2 is an application for State Support.

Step 3 is an optional application for the Nursing Home Loan (“Ancillary State Support”) which defers payment of portion of the care costs until the person needing care has passed away by placing a charge over their property.

If the person who needs nursing home care is unable to make the application on his/her own behalf, then his/her next of kin (e.g. spouse, child or other relative), his/her Committee (if they are a Ward of Court) or his/her Attorney (if an Enduring Power of Attorney has been previously entered into and enrolled due to incapacity) may make the application on his/her behalf.

If a Nursing Home Loan is sought as part of the application then, if the person needing care has neither a Committee nor an Attorney, it may be appropriate to make an application to the Circuit Court for the appointment of a Care Representative who can consent to the putting in place of the Nursing Home Loan.

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