Enduring Powers Of Attorney

If your parent, relative or friend is mentally incapacitated due to age, an accident or a progressive illness and if he/she has not previously signed an Enduring Power of Attorney then it is not legally possible for him/her to enter into any legal or contractual arrangements including long term care arrangements. In such circumstances it may be necessary to consider making an application to have him/her made a Ward of Court so that the welfare and assets of the parent, relative or friend may be protected and taken care of at this difficult time.

Having a person made a Ward of Court is a legal procedure whereby an application is made to the High Court to have a third party appointed to look after the financial assets and personal care issues (for example nursing home care or other care arrangements ) relating to that person. The decision to have a parent /relative/friend made a Ward of Court can be a difficult and emotional time for family.

We can assist you and guide you as to the steps involved in the process of Wardship. We will meet with you and your family to discuss and explain what steps need to be taken and we will help you in identifying who is best suited to take on the responsibility of looking after the affairs of the vulnerable party. The person taking on such responsibility is generally referred to as the Committee.

We will provide you with a detailed step by step guide to the procedures in having someone made a Ward of Court. These steps and procedures are overseen by a branch of the High Court, the Office of Wards of Court.

We will liaise with the medical advisers and the Office of Wards of Court and we will advise and guide you through the process of looking after the financial issues, including sale of property (if necessary) and other assets and care issues including applications under the Nursing Home Support (Fair Deal) Scheme.

For further information and advice in this area, please contact Samantha Holton: at samantha@crowleymillar.com

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