The beauty of being a tight-knit, international network of independent law firms is that there is an in-built flexibility.  Mackrell International (MI) law firms are used to dealing with a huge range of domestic issues for both individuals and businesses and having to respond to (sometimes random) international requests at a moment’s notice.  Adaptability is the norm.

With lawyers in many countries providing essential services, it is very much ‘business as usual’ across the network.  Hence, all MI members are stressing a reassuring ‘nothing to report,’ when it comes to their legal offering, even though many are working remotely and managing their working and living space.

In fact, at Crowley Millar Solicitors a member of MI since 2010, solicitors are fully engaged in keeping business working effectively

John Carroll, Partner said: “Our clients trust us with their interests, both personal and professional, in good times and in bad.  In tough times like now we are there for them, whatever their needs.  The great thing about MI membership is that, whenever a client has an international need, we know it will be looked after with as much care and attention as if we were doing it.”

Keith Heddle, Mackrell International’s Managing Director, said; “To be honest, we’re family’ as much as a legal network, which is why we pull together so strongly, look after one another and one another’s clients as if they’re our own – and it’s why we can be so nimble when dealing with the unexpected and the challenging, which it most certainly is right now!

The Mackrell International legal network has more than 90 high-calibre law firms in more than 60 countries worldwide and around 4,500 lawyers at your disposal.

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