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Crowley Millar is a law firm with international links through our China Desk.  We also employ an Indian lawyer who is focused on providing a service to both the Indian community in Ireland and internationally which will assist individuals and families based in India in doing business in Ireland.

The Ireland Immigrant Investor Programme (IIP) was established in 2012, which facilitates investors and business professionals from outside of the EU who wish to avail of opportunities of investing and locating business interests in Ireland.  The Immigrant Investor Visa Programme (IIP) gives Irish residency to non-EEA nationals and their families in Ireland in exchange for making an approved investment in the Irish economy.

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Our team of professionals can assist applicants that wish to invest under the programme to obtain an Ireland Investor Visa or Irish citizenship.  The IIP requires a minimum investment of €1 million from the applicants’ own resources and not financed through a loan or other such facility, which must be committed for a minimum of three years.  In order for an investor to be considered for the programme, the applicant must choose one of the current qualifying investments namely Enterprise Investment, Investment Fund, Real Estate Investment Trust or Endowment.

Our lawyers are experienced in assisting applicants regarding the processes involved in visa requirements, work permits and the IIP Scheme.  Our team are multi-lingual and can handle all enquiries from both India and China in relation to the processes involved.

Some of the services we provide include:

  • Advice on enterprises with potential IIP investments;
  • Assisting investors with IIP applications;
  • Advice on Shareholders Agreements;
  • Passport Applications and Naturalisation Services;
  • Asset Transfer; and
  • Mergers and Acquisitions.

The main benefits for non-EEA immigrant investors in Ireland are:

  • Access to a high-quality education system;
  • Access to a high-quality health system;
  • Obtaining Irish citizenship through the investment process after 5 years of residency;
  • Acceptance of dual nationality;
  • No residency requirement. The only requirement is that you visit Ireland at least once per calendar year; and
  • No age, education or language barriers.
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We can assist you in finding the best option according to your status and guide you through the entire process and ensure that your application has a very good chance of success.

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