As our digital reliance increases globally, privacy and cyber-security are key tenets of every business nowadays, plus they have significant liabilities attached.

Mackrell International, of which Crowley Millar is a member of, assembled an international panel of data and privacy experts to share advice on some key issues for employers and employees.

In the recording, the following matters are discussed:

  • Are companies doing enough to protect themselves, their clients and their employees against cyber-crime?
  • If you have robust systems and protocols in place, are you making sure they evolve?
  • The danger of data breaches and of not having robust passwords.
  • The increased issues caused by home-working and employees using their own devices for work.
  • Training your staff – you may have the best systems in place, but lack of awareness could make staff your weakest link
  • Should data protection form part of an annual report?
  • How can companies mitigate against internal attacks – either inadvertent or deliberate?
  • Should you have an AUP (Acceptable Use Policy) in place for your employees?
  • Are you penetration testing?
  • How encryption can help
  • Do you have a written information security plan?