Crowley Millar are part of Mackrell Internationals Lawyer Exchange programme, which enables firms and their up-and-coming lawyers to collaborate, as well providing career opportunities for them.

Here, David Bridgeman who trained and qualified as a Solicitor in Crowley Millar, recounts his experience of working with the Corporate team at Bersay, a Mackrell law firm based in France.

Here’s David in his own words…


“My name is David Bridgeman and thanks to the excellent training I received in Crowley Millar Solicitors LLP (Incorporating JR Sweeney LLP), the Irish members of Mackrell International, I am now a Solicitor qualified to practice in Ireland, England, and Wales.

I was always interested in French language and culture and started French classes at the Alliance Française Dublin in 2021.  Once I reached a level where I could communicate comfortably, I started exploring how I could relocate to France whilst progressing in Corporate Law. 

I met Chris Lane of Mackrell Solicitors at a MI Event in Dublin hosted by Crowley Millar and explained that after earning my qualification, I had an interest in moving to Paris. 

Chris shared that MI member firms had access to around 4,500 lawyers across the world who shared a common purpose to support one another, and that MI operated an exchange programme for up-and-coming lawyers.

He also put me in contact with Frédéric Lecomte, a Partner at Bersay, MI’s French member firm.  After an interview, he offered me a role in Bersay working on the Corporate Team. 

One of the most remarkable aspects of working at Bersay is the exposure to diverse legal systems.  Engaging with a multitude of legal frameworks, ranging from civil law to common law jurisdictions has offered me a much deeper understanding of global legal intricacies.  Navigating these systems has helped hone my analytical skills, as each jurisdiction presented unique challenges and opportunities.

Bersay often handles cross-border transactions, which provides valuable experience in international business dealings.  Participating in mergers, acquisitions and joint ventures across different continents gave me insights into both global commerce and diplomatic relations!

It has opened doors to a myriad of networking and career opportunities too.  Building relationships with international clients and legal professionals can enhance your professional reputation and opens avenues for future collaborations. 

Beyond professional development, immersion in French culture is so rewarding and it has enriched my worldview no end; it’s really helped me develop a global perspective.

I can safely say that thanks to Bersay and Mackrell International my legal skills and my French have improved immensely and working here has solidified my desire in reaching a C2 Level of French by the end of 2024 and becoming an Avocat of the Paris Bar in the future. 

Merci Bersay – and thank you Crowley Millar.”