Foreign Direct Investment

Ireland remains one of the most attractive locations for foreign direct investment (FDI) globally. We are an English-speaking jurisdiction with a straightforward common law environment. Ireland has a transparent tax regime, a young and well-educated workforce, are Eurozone members, offer a competitive cost base and have a specialised commercial court designed to allow speedy resolution of business disputes.

In Crowley Millar we have many international clients and significant experience in advising on all FDI requirements. We advise on the appropriate business structures, working closely with client tax advisors. The firm has a dedicated China Desk which specialises in providing services internationally to consortiums and individuals based in China (and other countries) who are interested in doing business in Ireland. We also have dedicated foreign direct investment real estate, employment and corporate teams. For a firm of our size, we are unique in Ireland in having UK, US and China dual qualified lawyers working in our firm.

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