Anjusha Puthan Purayil - Crowley Millar Law Firm

Anjusha Puthan Purayil

Background And Expertise

Anjusha has a BA LLB from SDM Law College, Mangalore, India and qualified as a Solicitor in India in 2016.  After qualification, Anjusha worked as a Junior Legal Associate Solicitor and then a Trademark Attorney in Kerala, India.

In these roles, Anjusha gained extensive in-office legal work experience and developed strong skills in a number of key areas, in particular in the drafting and reviewing of contracts in addition to carrying out detailed and complex legal research.  She also has obtained a good knowledge of Intellectual Property law and its various components.

Anjusha moved to Ireland in 2019 and obtained a training contract with Crowley Milllar Solicitors LLP after successfully completing her FE1 exams in the Incorporated Law Society of Ireland in early 2020.  This was an excellent achievement for Anjusha as she did not attend any law courses in Ireland in preparation for the exams.